Thursday, August 21, 2008

Go Green For Autumn

With autumn's cool breeze on the way you not only have to start pulling out your long-sleeves and jeans but you should also up-date your make-up drawer to ensure you get the right amount of coverage for the cooler weather.

While out purchasing your favorite make-up, why not try going green for the upcoming season. Purchasing eco-friendly products not only will help our environment but it will also be good for your skin.

There are a lot of eco-friendly products on the market to choose from at the moment. However, do your homework before purchasing them because a lot of the products are actually not 100% organic.

There is one skin line, Suki Pure Skin Care, that not only has a large variety of eco-friendly products but it is 100% organic. Founded by Suki Kramer, who suffered from sensitive skin and chronic eczema, expect this line to be extremely soothing on your skin.

Kramer's collection recently launched an extension, Suki Color. So now you can purchase organic products from her Tinted Active Moisturizer and Cream Eye Definer to Pure Cream Satin for your face and lips.

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